Our History

Chapter 57 is simultaneously the Escapees’ newest and one of the oldest SKP Chapters.  Chapter 57 was formed in 2011 through the merger of Chapter 15, the Florida Sunseekers and Chapter 27, The Florida Gateway. 

Chapter 15 was formed in 1984 to build a SKP Co-op Park in Florida.  The Chapter was successful in this endeavor and the resulting park is The Wauchula SKP Co-op which is very much in business today.  After the Co-op was in operation, the Chapter and the Co-op became totally separate entities with Chapter 15 becoming a purely social organization. 

Chapter 27 was formed in 1990, also with the intention of establishing a SKP Co-op in Central or Northern Florida.  They were successful in creating a co-op, but for a variety of reasons this co-op is totally independent of the Escapees Club.  Chapter 27 then also became a purely social organization.

Some vestiges of the old Chapters 15 & 27 remain in Chapter 57.  Our name, Florida Sun Gators came from merging Chapter 15, the [Florida Sun]seekers and Chapter 27, [Florida Gate]way. And our Chapter number, 57, comes from the last digits of Chapters 15 and 27.  Also if you add the digits 15 and 27 like this 1+5+2+7+15+27= you get 57! 

We are somewhat like the 57 varieties.


 Chapter 57, the Florida Sun Gators

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