Chapter 57 By-laws

By-laws fof Chapter #57, Florida Sun Gators, of the Escapees Club


    Section 1. The name of this Chapter is # 57, Florida Sun Gators.
    Section 2. The general geographic area is defined as the State of Florida.
    Section 3. The Chapter records shall be kept in triplicate, with one copy in the possession of the secretary, one in the possession of the president, and one copy sent to the national headquarters of the Escapees Club. 


    Section 1. This Chapter is formed as a result of a proposal to merge two active Escapees Chapters into one.  A written ballot was sent to the members of Chapter 15 and Chapter 27.   Both Chapters had 2/3 of the votes returned voting in the affirmative for merger, as required by their separate by-laws.
   Section 2.  This document replaces in their entirety the by-laws of the separate Chapters.  In no way should it be construed that either Chapter voted to dissolve itself.


    This Chapter was organized on November 10, 2011 for the purpose of providing a framework for members of the Escapees Club to make new friends through organized rallies and other announced social activities.


   Section 1. Membership in this Chapter is open to all current members of the Escapees Club.  All active  members of the former Chapters 15 and 27 at the time of the merger are automatically members of this Chapter.
   Section 2.  Each SKP number shall represent a member for purposes of dues and voting.  Couples using one SKP number may split their votes into half votes 


   Section 1.  The elected officers of this Chapter shall be a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  The officers shall constitute the executive board.
   Section 2. The term of office for each elected officer shall be two  years, however each officer shall serve until replaced.  Terms will be staggered.  In order to implement staggered terms, the President and Secretary shall be elected for a two year term, while the Treasurer and Vice President shall be elected for a one year term in 2011.  Officers may serve more than one term.
   Section 3.  In the event the Chapter is unable to fill the position of vice-president, it shall not constitute a violation of these byl-aws.
   Section 4.  Duties of officers are described in the Chapter Officers Handbook from National Headquarters. 


   Section 1.  Conducting the business of this Chapter shall be in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order when such rules are not in conflict with the by-laws or specific directives of the Escapees Club.
   Section 2.  A quorum of 50% of the Chapter members attending a rally, including one elected officer, shall be required for conducting the business of the Chapter at meetings.  A majority vote of members present is required to pass motions.
   Section 3.  A meeting shall be held at each rally if a quorum is present.  A minimum of one rally a year must be held.  All members shall be notified in writing as to date, place and time of all meetings. Such notification requirement will be satisfied by any mailing at least 14 days prior to the event, including, but not limited to, the Chapter newsletter, Chapter website and/or the Escapees Magazine.
Section 4.  Executive board meetings shall be held at the call of the president, or at the request of any other two elected officers.
   Section 5.  Accurate minutes must be kept of business conducted at all meetings.  Minutes will be the only legal record of all meetings.  Votes at all meetings will be recorded; at executive board meetings votes are to be recorded by name. 


   Section 1.  The officers shall be elected at the last business meeting held in the calendar year   
   Section 2. :  A nominating committee shall be appointed by the president at least one month prior to the month of the election.  The nominating committee shall obtain at least one nominee for each office.  Other members may mail in nominations for any office.  All nominees must give consent to be considered.  Additional nominations, with verbal consent, may be taken from the floor of a regular  meeting. 
   Section 3.  Voting shall be by ballot; or a show of hands when the position is uncontested.   A majority of votes cast is required to elect each officer.
   Section 4.  The new officers will assume their respective offices at the end of the election meeting.

                                                           ARTICLE VIII: DUES

   The dues will be no more than $10.00 annually, and will be due by January 1 of each year. Ay member whose dues are not paid by April 1 shall be suspended from the Chapter rolls.  Any member whose dues are more than one year in arrears shall be dropped from the Chapter rolls. The amount of dues shall be set forth in the standing rules. 


   In the event that any required action cannot be completed as set forth in these by-laws, the executive board may take emergency action for the benefit of the Chapter,.  Such emergency action must be submitted to the membership for ratification  at the next business meeting 


   These by-laws may be amended or revised only after written approval of the Escapees Club.  All members must be notified of proposed amendments and furnished with a ballot to be  returned.  Approval of two-thirds of the ballots received is required for an amendment to carry. 


   The Chapter may adopt a set of standing rules to cover activities and/or situations not specified in the by-laws.  These standing rules may not be in conflict with, or supersede, the by-laws.  These standing rules may be adopted, amended, revised, or repealed at any publicized meeting upon approval of two-thirds of the members present. 


   Each officer and committee member while serving as such, shall be indemnified against any and all claims and liabilities to which he or she may be subjected because of service, or by reason of any act or omission alleged to have been committed by such officer or committee member, unless such act is the result of a willful or grossly negligent act of omission on the part of said officer or committee member. 


   Any officer, rally host, committee member, member, or guest who is handling any type of funds for the Chapter shall keep an accurate account of such funds, including receipts and disbursements, and shall turn over said funds, with a written balance accounting, to the treasurer in an expeditious manner.


   In the event of dissolution of this Chapter, all obligations shall be paid and any remaining assets shall be sent to the Escapees Club.  Escapees, Inc shall not be liable for any debts incurred by the Chapter. 


Electronic communication (e-mail,  Chapter  website, etc) may be substituted for written documents or mail called for in these by-laws,   However, paper shall be used for any member who does not have access to electronic communication.


Adopted by Chapters 15 and 27 on August 10, 2011 by written ballot sent to all members of both Chapters. Two thirds of each Chapters members who returned ballots voted to adopt these by-laws and merge the two Chapters



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